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When right in the middle of July's heat you get stuck with a broken AC and not cool air to make your day livable, the issues that caused it may vary greatly. This may easily happen due to a malfunctioning filter, drain lines, outside units, simple overheating or just the old age of the air conditioning unit. But regardless of what the specific reason of failure is, we are sure we'll be able to fix it!
Without a doubt, the fridge is one of the most essential home appliances. This means that whenever the refrigerator bumps into a problem, this is a critical error that can halt your daily routine big time... So regardless of the specific reason for the malfunction, whether it being no free running test done, overstuffing or some parts in a need of replacement, we'll do our magic anyways!
Regardless of the reason that your washer is out of order now of, we are sure that our vast experience will let us repair it in no time!Basically, to understand the reason of why your machine is malfunctioning, an expert would need to examine it and figure out a way to make a quick fix. So whether it is leaking, fails to start, stops in the middle of the process or perhaps...
Taps come in all shapes and sizes from standard taps to mixer or single lever taps. At bathroom refurbishments Dublin we can help you choose the right tap aesthetically and practically for your bathroom project.
When we're talking about household chores, with the cleanup being of the nastiest ones, we must not forget that it is the vacuum cleaner that helps us through! So having it broken can easily break anyone down. With reasons for that varying from broken belts and burnt rubber inside to simple overheating while in service, it takes an expert to make sense of it and fix it!
If you're just like any crew member of our team here, the day will not be a good one for you if it does not start with a good hot cup of java! This effectively means a ruined day in case your home-bound coffee-making machine suddenly goes out of order... With reasons varying from power cord broken to the one-way valve clogged or calcium-clogged tubes, we will fix it!
We all love to use convenient small kitchen appliances when cooking our breakfast, lunch or a dinner, right? Hence the blender gets a very important role in keeping us full and lazy... So whenever this chop-chop device breaks down or malfunctions, our smoothies are at risk! Whether it is due to inappropriate food items you've put in there or something else, be sure that we will get it back to work!


Ryan Banies

Delighted with our new bathroom suite! Greg & the guys really pulled out all the stops with a tight budget and time frame. have already recommended you to the misses’ sister!

Marie Simmons

Talk about a dream bathroom, many thanks lads! now there is a queue to get in there!

John Vattian

My wife and myself are delighted with our new bathroom suite, on time, on budget, liaised with during the whole process and minimum disruption to our family life during the whole renovations processes.