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Not many people actually realize the magnitude of this problem, but almost a half of all the troubles with any major or small home appliances happens when any given internal part of it gets broken… This effectively means that in order to fix all of those items manufactured by different brands, we need to maintain a great supply of spare parts in our stock, which we do!

Bathroom sinks | Types of Sinks

Bathroom Sinks

There are many different types of bathroom sinks in the market place these days. Depending on the style, size of your bathroom and your budget some may be more suitable than others. Some of the types of bathroom sinks in this article you may be familiar with others not so much. Our project managers will be able to help you make decisions but here we will go through the different types to give you a good idea.


Bathroom Taps

Taps come in all shapes and sizes from standard taps to mixer or single lever taps. At bathroom refurbishments Dublin we can help you choose the right tap aesthetically and practically for your bathroom project.

Bathroom tiles | Bathroom Tiles Dublin | Bathroom tilers Dublin

Bathroom Tiles

Our professional tilers know everything about bathroom tiles as they have to deal with them on a day to day basis. These days there are so many different designs made from different materials.

Bathroom toilets


Here we are going to have a look at the types of toilets that are readily available in the Irish market place. In today’s era we more or less take our humble bathroom toilet for granted. Roll back 10 years and you would find that most houses weren’t even connected to the public sewerage system. Nowadays your toilet is not only practical but can represent your personal style and individuality.

Baths Dublin


How do I choose between the types of baths available? Well it really depends on requirements of the individual. There are some people for whom baths are just a necessity, for example having a soak in the bath can reduce back pain. There are others although not a necessity love the indulgence of a relaxing soak in the bath after a stressful day. Baths can often become the focal point of a bathroom refurbishment project because of this.



A Bidet, yes the BUTT of a lot of movie jokes not to be too punny 🙂 Sorry about that, but bidets actually have many things going for them.

Bathroom showers | Shower installation Dublin


When carrying out bathroom renovations we assist the client with all the relevant information to help them make the correct choice of shower that will suit all of their needs.