A Bidet, yes the BUTT of a lot of movie jokes not to be too punny 🙂 Sorry about that, but bidets actually have many things going for them.
Definition of a Bidet

A bidet is a low-mounted toilet bowl shaped fixture. The primary use bidets is to wash and clean the genitalia, perineum, inner buttocks, and anus once you have used the toilet.

Hygiene and Eco-friendly benefits from bidets

We like to think of a bidet as a small shower designed especially to clean a persons nether regions. A bidet uses a combination of jets of water and warm air to clean and dry you after your visit to the toilet. Obviously we are all concerned about hygiene otherwise we wouldn’t have as many types of toilet paper. Examples such as: Single ply, double ply, triple ply, thick, quilted, thin, recycled, moistened to name a few! This moves us on to the Eco-friendly side, bidets eliminate the need for the rolls and rolls of toilet paper we get through! In the U.S.A. alone last year it was estimated that around 16 million trees were used for toilet paper alone. You can add in the water usage and the carbon footprint of the electricity used to make the toilet paper, so you get the picture.

In Ireland, we are well behind when it comes to Bidets

In Italy for example 97% of households have bidets. In fact in Italy, Spain and Portugal it has been mandatory to install a bidet in new bathrooms since 1975. They are also common in countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Japan as well as the middle east. Bidets though are increasing in popularity with the older generation, and for use among people who are handicapped with physical disabilities. Because of their design it makes using the toilet independently possible for many persons. This can provide more self sufficiency and dignity.

Bidets and the cost of installation

Like a standard toilet a bidet can range from a few hundred euros to supply and fit to well over a thousand. It all depends on the type and the functions you want. If you need any more information or are interested in getting a free quote just call us.