Types of bathroom sinks

Young couple choosing new bathroom sink at the plumbing shop with lots of sanitary goods

Types of bathroom sinks and their advantages

There are many different types of bathroom sinks in the market place these days. Depending on the style, size of your bathroom and your budget some may be more suitable than others. Some of the types of bathroom sinks in this article you may be familiar with others not so much. Our project managers will be able to help you make decisions but here we will go through the different types to give you a good idea.

Wall mounted sinks

This type of sink is common and is excellent for bathrooms that aren’t too big and could do with some extra floor space. A wall mounted bathroom sink is supported by the wall and doesn’t require a counter top, legs or vanity base. The sink can be installed at any height to suit the persons needs and can often come with a shroud to cover any pipe work.

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks. This type of sink takes up little floor space as it is a stand alone variety. It is a good choice where underneath storage is not a priority. It’s features include as you see a narrow base and wide basin and is similarly shaped to a birdbath.

Undermount sinks

These types of bathroom sinks must be installed beneath a solid counter top. This will give maximum counter space. They give a nice smooth and uniform look and a nice advantage here is that they are very easy to clean as you can just wipe directly in an around.

Vessel Sinks or counter top sinks

These types of sink are usually bowl shaped and sit directly on a counter top. They generally sit higher and do not need undermount installation although they do require a pop up drain. These are quite a striking design choice.

Self rimming sinks or drop in sinks

These types are the easiest to install. They can literally just be dropped in to an existing counter top and the rim all around the sink rests on the counter top and absorbs the weight. These are a popular design.

Console sinks

These types of bathroom sinks are a combination of 2 styles of sink, the pedestal and the wall mounted variety. It has an exposed base with either 2 or 4 legs. It can have shelving below so offers additional storage in smaller bathrooms.

A good rule is when choosing a sink is to make sure that you consider the total space and counter space where applicable and the overall style of the bathroom. If you need specialist advice or a free quote for any of the above types of bathroom sinks contact us today.