Wet Rooms

Interior Shot Of Stylish Modern Bathroom With Shower And Bath

We’ve all seen wet rooms on the T.V. and maybe have thought “I’d like one of those”. These days wet rooms are definitely an affordable option. So what exactly is a wet room? Basically it is a water proofed room. It will normally have a toilet a sink and a walk in shower. The shower area can be any size within the room as the client sees fit and  the toilet and wash hand basin will usually, (not necessarily) be separated by a shower screen. The floor and walls will be tiled and will have a slight slope down towards the showers drain. This enables all water to drain away naturally.

Advantages of wet rooms

  • Wet rooms are easier to clean than regular bathrooms. They are minimalist in there features by there nature. There are no shower tray, bath etc. to clean.
  • If you have  a small bathroom a wet room can be a fantastic solution as once the bath is removed the floor space is opened up tremendously.
  • A wet room floor will stand the tests of time far better than a standard bathroom floor when installed properly.
  • A wet room will usually add value to your property and provides a modern and stylish appearance.

Are wet rooms generally difficult to install?

The honest answer is usually not.  Firstly this is only a job for professionals with experience. We would send one of our senior bathroom renovations team out to inspect the room free of charge to see if the job could be done. If we deem it possible then we can discuss the project with you. We will take your ideas on board to customize your wet room exactly to your liking.

The 3 most important steps when fitting wet rooms

  1. Firstly, to sort out the drainage. As mentioned earlier the floor has to be set at a slight gradient so as the water can flow freely to the drain. There are various ways this can be done the most common being installing a sub floor made from ply wood. Your bathroom designer will go through the options with you to make sure whichever way is the most suitable for your premises.
  2. Secondly, tanking. Our team will make sure the whole area of the floor, the lower sections of the walls and the complete wall area around the shower is tanked (waterproofed). The first stage is priming, once primed a syrupy waterproofing membrane is applied. This must be given time to set.
  3. Finally, tiling. Once the membrane has set firmly the tiles can be fitted, we can get a range of tiles as seen on our tiling page. The choice is yours but we will offer advice on the practicalities.

If you would like more information on wet rooms or a free quote just make an appointment and we will send someone out to discuss feasibility and prices.